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AHD Fury Foil New -12%

AHD Fury Foil

FURYPerforming and EasyCONCEPTThe Fury AHD range is for speed and high performance addicts..

NOK 17.300,- NOK 15.300,- Ekskl. mva: NOK 12.240,-
AHD Fury Foil New -14%

AHD Fury Foil

SL2 slalomSINGLE MINDED: TO GO FASTERConceptAt AHD, we think that, to make the most of a slalom..

NOK 22.390,- NOK 19.230,- Ekskl. mva: NOK 15.384,-
AHD SL3 Slalom Race New -13%

AHD SL3 Slalom Race

SL3 Slalom RaceTo Win…and only this !ConceptThe new SL3 reflects Diony Guadagnino’s desire to p..

NOK 24.390,- NOK 21.230,- Ekskl. mva: NOK 16.984,-


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NOK 11.900,- Ekskl. mva: NOK 9.520,-
ZEN New -16%


Zen EvolutionEASILY TASTING THE EXHILARATION OF WINDSURFINGAHD Zen boards have been designed wi..

NOK 11.900,- NOK 9.980,- Ekskl. mva: NOK 7.984,-