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LoftSails RaceboardBlade 2016

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Produktkode: LoftSails RaceboardBlade 2016
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SIZES : 8.5  9.5  9.5LW



The Loftsails Raceboard Blade (9.5 & 8.5) has a long history in raceboard competitions, twice used to win the World Championships (Fernando Martinez, Alex Buchau).

Course-racing hulls, (longboards with centerboards) need specific designs that drive upwind in displacement mode, then blast downwind in full-planing style with the mastfoot moved to the rear of the mast track.

The Raceboard Blade full body curves push in low-end power and trim reactivity is streamlined for upper-end ease.

The 6-batten Loftsails Raceboard Blade enables accessible, competitive course racing.

New for 2016 is the Raceboard Blade 9.5 LW (Light Wind). The LW is completely new, developed for winning in light and medium-wind Raceboard competition.

The Raceboard Blade LW is a 5-batten design with monofilm construction and 3 Tekcam2s for the best-possible performance.

NOTE: All action images on this page feature Monty Spindler on the Raceboard Blade LW version.





• Internal Kevlar strip applications that define shape profile and maintain shape stability- vertical and horizontal (at cams) orientation.
• Alternate side batten pocket applications with x-ply pockets (centered battens).
• The exclusive Loftsails Teckam2 system- simple, functional, light, adjustable, durable. 4 SDM Teckam2s installed in each Blade FR.
• Metallic cam interfaces: rotation ease, and mast pocket tension at cams maintained.
• 4-mm. D/P monofilm body panels: proven superior performance.

• All Racing Blades are engineered with tubed battens with varying carbon content in specific locations. The top three battens are specialized 100% carbon tubes.
• New 7-mm. monofilm vertical internal panel (inside mast pocket) for profile stability.
• Blade mast-pocket construction: Equalized loading between the mast panel (interior) and the pocket (exterior). The result is tensioned, firm mast pockets, exceptional durability, rotation ease.
• 4-mm. D/P monofilm body panels: proven superior performance.


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