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The true World Cup Racing sail. It is all about speed and how you control it. The 2017 model has been revised on all levels, with 5 new sizes and an update of the remaining sizes. Our R&D team focused on the handling of the sail, control and acceleration in all wind speeds.The leech shape has been redesigned in order to optimize the tension between each single batten, thus giving the sail more spring and response while pumping. This also excels in a much better acceleration after the jibe. Also the speed is much more constant now, even in small wind holes.The luff curve has been modified to achieve a softer rotation of the sail. The biggest challenge was the weight reduction without reducing our legendary heavy duty quality. A new top construction, lighter batten pockets, a lighter patch work above the boom and, not to forget, the use of a prepreg carbon batten have decreased the weight up to 500 g. This saves your energy, which you can invest now in control and speed.





What's new in 2017:

New sizes
New leech shape
Revised luff curve
Reduced weight
New top construction
Prepreg carbon tube



  • High Tech race sail for sporty speed and slalom riders 
  • Maximum stability of profile and top high end speed 
  • 3D Wing Sleeve for best aerodynamics
  • Boom opening with neoprene cover 
  • Triple Offset clew for maximum trim flexibility
  • Tack strap for adjustment of the foot tension


Fast Rigging Easy Doing - FRED will help you to find the optimal luff trim for your sail. The mark is found in the upper sail window and serves as an orientation point to create the perfect luff tension (loose leech)


Batten Guard - PVC tabs on the upper batten pockets prevent wearing out and abrasion whilst rigging.   

Internal Trim Batten - The Internal Trim Batten system is completely integrated into the batten pocket and the battens can stay tensioned in the sail. The profiled end piece offers additional protection against abrasion. 

Offset Clew - The Wave sails are equipped with 2 clew eyelets which are set asymmetrically for individual tuning.
▲ Upper eyelet for more power
▲ Lower eyelet for more control


Pocket Guard - A PVC braid, sewed on the bottom batten pocket, protects your sail from abrasion while uphauling and waterstarting.


Foot Guard - All seams in the significantly stressed foot area are protected by Dacron coverings. A PVC edging from foot to the first batten protects the leech edge against your board’s nonslip coating.


Strap On - For very easy packing away and storage: Just roll the sail up and fix the elastic retainer.


Mast Foot Protector - The large mast foot protector can be pulled back whilst rigging. The loop eases the initial pulling down of the sail. The uphaul can be comfortably inserted through an opening in the protector. 

Mesh Pocket - On the inside of the protector you will find a closable mesh pocket which can hold e.g. your downhaul surplus.



Comfort Pulley - The integrated triple pulley has large easy turning stainless brass rolls which greatly reduce the effort required for sail trimming. Also, if you prefer, the rolls are removable to allow the use of standard downhaul pulley hooks.


Boom Position Control - The printed height scale at the boom opening helps you to easily remember your personal boom position. 


Sleeve Guard - The mast sleeve of all camless sails is reinforced in the batten area in order to avoid abrasion..


Sleeve Volumer - The Gun Sails logo that is sewn on the sleeve keeps it open at the boom opening area like a clip and thus mast insertion is much easier.


Mini Battens - Lightweight mini battens take control of the leech while twisting and avoid detrimental leech flutter. In this way, the window fabrics are spared and the longevity of the sail is predefined.


Top Patch - An additional sewed top patch avoids wrinkles while rolling the sail up. 

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